Come Play With Me

taught by Rita Marie
  • 43 Videos
  • 6 PDFs
  • 35.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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November Workshop
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Course description

This is a fun 12 month workshop where we will be drawing and creating beautiful girls for our pages together. You will receive downloads of sketches and other fun stuff that I will be creating in each workshop... You will also get bonus videos to help you warm up and create, wonderful journal pages and more. Color is my thing so we will be using lots of color and I will be showing you how to shade and add interest to your pages. You do not have to have any previous experience in drawing girls and creating journal pages. I will guide you through this journey and bring out your creative soul.

You will get 3 bonus videos to start your journey, one that will show you how to make your handmade journal if you decide to go that way. If you want to purchase a journal for these workshops or use one that you are already working in, that's absolutely fine. You will get 2 videos that are more for warm up and practice. I will start with simple faces for you to explore and also you will get downloads of all the faces I sketch throughout this 12 month workshop. If I make something for a particular workshop example: flowers, animals, words, etc. What ever I make that can be downloaded you will receive so you can follow along if you decide to, or if you want to come up with own page with my inspiration that's great too. I want you to be able to copy if you want, but know that you do not have to... Creating is a very personal thing wether you are inspired by someone else or not, and comes from inside you and is very capturing of your soul... Sometimes its so exhilarating it takes your breath away. What a feeling and it comes from your own creative soul...

I believe with practice you can learn to draw girls and have a fulfilling adventure into your own creativeness that we all have inside. There are many artist that are not born into their creativeness, they must practice and aspire to find their inner creative soul that we all have, but, we need to awaken it if we want to go on the artist journey. Thank you to all you wonderful peeps for inspiring me to make this workshop... Love to you all!


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Rita  Marie
Rita Marie
Mixed Media Artist

Hi everyone! I am a Mixed Media Artist living in Daytona Beach, FL. The weather here is great and I enjoy the sunshine and all the lovely flowers and beautiful Palm Trees that grow here. Most of my inspiration comes from my family, friends, places I visit and everything all around me. Helping others through their art journey has been something I have found is very rewarding. My life has always been creative, but I may not always had the time to do as much as I would have liked. We all get side tracked by many things in life that may keep us away from our artist journey. I feel grateful that I have been able to return to my true passion after many years of pursuing other careers and raising a wonderful family.

The most wonderful thing about Mixed Media Art is; there are no boundaries, and that most of all is what I love about it. All I would like now is to help other artists find their creative souls and start their journey into mixed media art. Share the makes us all happy...xo