Course Description

This workshop was absolutely inspiring for me, and I definitely learned a lot during the process of creating this class for you. You will learn how to add some fun elements to your artwork, with lots of creative layers, and just all round inspirational stuff. I found myself being inspired every step of the way. You will feel like you are right with me in my studio and we will be creating her together…My classes are not rehearsed and are completely spontaneous which I feel is so much more genuine of an artist/teacher. When you have painted something over and over again it looses its spontaneity, and the spiritual connection you feel between the teacher and the student. Teaching is a wonderful gift that some of us have, the feeling that overwhelms you to share what you know. When students learn something new and are inspired to go forward with their dreams because maybe you gave them a little spark of inspiration to light up their way to a better understanding of themselves… My goal is to help you explore your creative self and really see and feel the muse within your soul. Thank you so much for taking a peek into my class and I hope you will come and join me… Love to you…💜

The sketch downloads are included with this workshop, you will actually get 2 versions of the sketch. These are downloadable workshops and forever up at this school, so you can work at your own pace and never feel rushed.


Mixed Media Artist

Rita Marie

Hi everyone! I am a Mixed Media Artist living in Daytona Beach, FL. The weather here is great and I enjoy the sunshine and all the lovely flowers and beautiful Palm Trees that grow here. Most of my inspiration comes from my family, friends, places I visit and everything all around me. Helping others through their art journey has been something I have found is very rewarding. My life has always been creative, but I may not always had the time to do as much as I would have liked. We all get side tracked by many things in life that may keep us away from our artist journey. I feel grateful that I have been able to return to my true passion after many years of pursuing other careers and raising a wonderful family. The most wonderful thing about Mixed Media Art is; there are no boundaries, and that most of all is what I love about it. All I would like now is to help other artists find their creative souls and start their journey into mixed media art. Share the makes us all happy...xo

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Bohemian Gypsy Dreamer Part 1

    • Welcome

    • Transferring the sketch onto your canvas

    • Product List BGD

    • Sketch 1

    • Sketch 2

    • Copyright Material

  • 2

    BGD Part 2

    • Burning into the Wood

  • 3

    BGD Part3

    • Coloring the Background

  • 4

    BGD Part 4

    • Working on the Girl (Gypsy)

  • 5

    BGD Part 5

    • Playing with Inks

  • 6

    BGD Part 6

    • More Color, Stenciling & Stamping

  • 7

    BGD Part 7

    • Working on the Hair & Using Gelatos

  • 8

    BGD Part 8

    • Almost Done! More Fun Layers!